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SpoonerPlus is now offering a risk free way of inspecting your oven internals. The “Camera Inspection” allows you to identify problems within the oven bake chamber without someone having to actually go inside.


No Need for Confined Space Entry

A continuous video recording of inside of the oven allows you to replay the footage multiple times to assess any possible problems, giving you a better idea of the location and root cause of an issue. There is no need for an engineer to enter the oven to fault find any problems, this eliminates the need for confined space entry.

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Click and drag inside the 360 Video to look around!


What You can expect from a 360 Camera Inspection

After the inspection our SpoonerPlus engineers will compile an annotated video and save it to a USB stick which will accompany the written report with a still image map of machine internals.


Reducing Downtime

One of the greatest benefits of this service is the reduction of downtime, (although the oven needs to be cold for the camera to go through), it only takes one day. Some older ovens have little or no access to the internals leading to longer shut downs for inspections.


Can you afford to leave problems untreated?

Having your oven regularly inspected gives you the chance to plan your repairs in advance and be aware of any problems which could become a greater issue if left untreated. The camera inspection reduces your downtime and you get the same results that you would from a regular inspection, with the added benefit of video footage for future reference. To book in for your camera inspection please fill in the box below –


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