6 Reasons You Should Regularly Maintain Your Equipment

Regular Maintenance of Machinery

The term “maintenance” covers many areas including, inspection, testing, measurement, replacement and adjustments. There are two types of maintenance – proactive, which is planned and focuses on preventing future problems and reactive, which is a result of something going wrong which needs to be fixed.

This post explains 6 reasons why it is important to have your machinery regularly maintained and not just as a reaction to something going wrong.

1. To Ensure Your Equipment is Safe to Use

Inefficient/inadequate maintenance can cause serious – potentially deadly accidents or health problems.

2. To Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

By having your equipment regularly maintained it will ensure that things keep running smoothly. When routine maintenance needs go unnoticed or unattended, larger issues with equipment can result.

3. To Ensure the Product being Produced is of the Best Quality

If equipment starts to wear over time, without being maintained the quality of the product being produced may be affected.

4. Saves you Money

The cost of regular maintenance is small in comparison to the potential cost of a major breakdown which could halt production for a length of time.

5. To Ensure Your Machinery is Operating at 100% efficiency at All Times

By undertaking inspections, cleaning, lubricating and making minor adjustments, minor problems can be detected and corrected before they become a major problem that can shut down a production line.

6. To ensure the equipment meets PUWER regulations

Although not a legal requirement it is advisable to follow the PUWER regulations as they have a special status under the Health and Safety Act.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, look out for our next one looking at whether equipment meets PUWER.

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