How SpoonerPlus can help ensure your equipment meets PUWER

PUWER regulations state that equipment must go through periodic inspections by a competent person to ensure it is fit for use at all times. The HSE defines a competent person as “someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities that allow them to assist you properly.”

Depending on the complexity of the equipment this knowledge and experience may not be available in house in which case you should hire a third party to perform the inspection. This has the added benefit of ensuring the inspection is sufficiently objective, meaning its validity cannot be doubted if there is ever a work equipment related accident on your premises.

This is where SpoonerPlus comes in! All SpoonerPlus engineers are fully trained and experienced in working on all Spooner machines as well as machines from other manufacturers. Spooner had its Safecontractor accreditation and all of our engineers have their IOSH Managing Safely and SPA Passport to Safety qualifications.

A PUWER inspection should always include a look at the parts of the equipment that are necessary for the safe operation of equipment, such as emergency stop switches.

A report should be compiled during the inspection, a PUWER report should include:-

  • The type and model of equipment.
  • The equipment’s identification mark or number.
  • The equipment’s usual location.
  • The date of the inspection.
  • The name and job title of whoever carried out the inspection.
  • Any faults with the equipment.
  • Any actions taken or planned to rectify the faults.
  • Who the faults have been reported to.
  • The date repairs or other necessary actions were carried out.
  • SpoonerPlus engineers can inspect your machinery and produce a PUWER report detailing any action that needs carrying out. For more information fill in the contact information in the box below.

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