Case Study – Saving Money on Energy

Thermal Insulation Replacement

The SpoonerPlus team were approached by a customer experiencing issues with gas usage on their baking oven.  This had been steadily increasing even though no changes had been made to the existing set up and process.

More Understanding by Being on Site

SpooerPlus engineers attended site to undertake an energy audit of the oven in order to identify the cause and provide a solution.  Whilst on site, our engineers were also made aware of the uncomfortable working conditions for operators due to the excessive heat in the area of the oven.

Energy Survey to Reveal Best Solution

The energy audit was undertaken during normal production.  Part of the audit included a thermal imaging survey of the oven which determined an excessive amount of heat being transferred through the walls of the oven.  This indicated inefficient insulation in the oven’s construction.

Turnkey – We take Care of Everything

SpoonerPlus recommended that it would be most cost effective to replace the insulation, and the customer instructed them to do so.  The SpoonerPlus team offered a turnkey solution for the design, supply and installation of new insulation to the oven walls.

The oven was measured so that the insulation could be made to fit prior to the engineers going to site in order to minimise downtime.  SpoonerPlus installed the correct grade  of insulation, taking into account the thickness and density to be the most efficient and cost effective for the oven process conditions.


Measurable Results – Great ROI

The insulation was installed in staggered layers and every joint was sealed. The replaced insulation reduced the outer temperature of the oven walls from 55°C to 30°C.

Thermal Insulation Staggered Arrangement

With the pre-planning and manufacture before arrival on site the total downtime of the oven was three days which is a reduction of more than 20% compared to measuring and manufacturing on site.

Small Savings per Hour – Large Savings per Year

What kind of savings can you expect by improving the oven insulation?

Efficiency Outer Surface Temperature Heat Loss
100% 32°C 67.63 W/m²/min
50% 38.2°C 131 W/m²/min

The extra cost of generating energy to overcome a 50% reduction in efficiency of thermal insulation would be £4.53 per hour or £7,344 per year,  this is the amount that could be saved based on an oven length of 20m.

What is the outer surface temperaure of your oven? Would you like to know the savings you can achieve?
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